Human Resources

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Popular Questions

  • How do I join Ata Bilişim staff?

    First step is to apply by sending your CV with a picture to

  • Do you accept interns?

    Our internship programs are opened every summer and semester to contribute to the development of engineering students. For internship application, you can contact us at

  • Which positions can I apply for in your field?

    You can apply to our company as a web design specialist, seo specialist, graphic design specialist, content editor or software specialist.

  • How do you proceed in the application process?

    After your CV is reviewed, your information is saved in our database. If necessary, you will be contacted and interviewed. Candidates who pass the oral interview are recruited in a 3-month trial period and their progress is followed by giving jobs on different subjects. At the end of 3 months, your position within the company is determined based on your performance.